Friday, June 8, 2012

Can A Leg Glance, and where does an Off Drive? Or, Where’s the Ball Going?

Whether listening to audio commentary, reading a match report or following a game via ball-by-ball texts, following the action on the pitch can quickly become confusing to the cricket neophyte and recent convert.

The pitch is broken up into several sections, each one named to help communicate who is doing what where on the pitch. And when the batsman hits the ball into one of these sections, wouldn’t it be nice to know where the ball is actually going?
Enter the American ArmChair Cricketer! Simply open and print off the diagram showing the most basic cricket shots and their locations and hang it up wherever you listen to or follow cricket matches. For the most part, this graphic will help you see where the ball is going in relation to the batsman.


  1. If you can please add Sweep and Flick. Sweep shot is more often used during spin/slow bowling, where Flick is used during fast bowling