Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Projection Screens, CEDIA, and…Cricket?

I don't talk a lot about my "day" job when I get around to writing posts for this blog. But today I'm making an exception.

To pay the bills, I work as a technical writer/media relations person for Draper, a manufacturer of projection screens; motorized lifts for projectors, cameras and other AV equipment; window shades; video conferencing solutions; and gymnasium equipment.

As part of my media relations duties, I applied for and was accepted to participate in a social media effort to promote the annual CEDIA Expo taking place in September in Denver, Colorado. CEDIA is a trade association which basically promotes the design and installation of electronic systems-mostly for the home. That is perhaps an oversimplification, but you get the idea.

As part of my role as a #CEDIATweep (yes that is what they call us), I tweet on behalf of CEDIA using one of my company's twitter handles (@DraperAV). I also write the occasional blog.

Recently I produced a blog which used cricket to talk about the need for continual innovation, and how it is there sometimes even when we don't see it. The post starts like this:

"If you ask my friends and family what I really love, probably the first thing that will pop out of their mouths is “cricket!” This will no doubt be accompanied by massive eye-rolling and head-shaking on a scale not seen since I came home from college with an earring, zipper-front Michael-Jackson-style shirt, and parachute pants.

"Because, frankly, I think and talk about it a lot. In an obsessive-compulsive kind of way. Cricket is to me like baseball is to many other people: full of action, excitement, strategy, and metaphors. Metaphors for everything: life, work, kids, and yes, even projection screens and CEDIA."

If you want to read more, follow the below link. If you have any thoughts or comments, leave them on the CEDIA-hosted blog post, rather than this blog!

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