Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Going Batty, or what are those sticks these cricketers are holding?

As shown in a recent graphic, cricket balls don’t vary much in size and weight from a baseball, although how they are made is a lot different.

Now we’re on to bats, and here we have two items that have very little in common. The baseball bat is round, while the cricket bat has a flat striking surface and a ridged back side (sounds like someone I used to know).

The word you’re looking for is “anyway” ….

Anyway … the cricket bat is meant, in my opinion, to be more versatile than the round baseball bat. The cricket bat must be used for blocking, defending, full strokes, and little nudges and nurdles as well.

Hopefully the below graphic will help you understand the basics of the cricket bat and how it compares with its American cousin.

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